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Years ago after my tertiary education, I had time on my hands before my professional posting and I didn’t want to stay home doing nothing. So, I decided to look for a job and I wanted to do so without my parents’ help. One day, my former roommate who also happened to be a year ahead of me in the profession came to my home to visit; she got her posting come through just few months before.  While talking, I mentioned my plan to look for a job and she offered to introduce me to her former place of work if I was really serious about working. She described the place to me; working hours and all. Even the pay was quite generous for a fresh graduate. After our discussion that day, we fixed a day when she was gonna come pick me and take me to the place. I was excited.  She had already put in a good word for me with the manager and so when I went into his office on the said day, he was already expecting me. He conducted a brief interview during which I was unusually nervous (I usually am calm during interviews); all the questions he was asking was what I was expected to know practically but I guess then, I was better at theory than practicals. That particular interview was so embarrassing fa! I don’t even wanna remember it. He noticed my discomfort and said that since my friend had already spoken to him about me and because I seemed like a pretty smart person who was gonna catch up fast, he was willing to take a chance on me and see how well I perform.  He told me the working hours and the remuneration (which was still pretty good). I asked if I could think about it and get back to him in a few days, and he agreed.

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