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1 Samuel 10:26-27 ‘’When Saul returned to his home at Gibe-ah, a band of men whose hearts the Lord had touched became his constant companions. There were, however, some bums and loafers who exclaimed, ‘How can this man save us?’ And they despised him and refused to bring him presents, but he took no notice.’’ (TLB) Hear me, and hear me well; ‘You do NOT need everybody to make it in life!’ When God decides to bless you, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like you or who feels otherwise; He will & will do it big! Good thing he doesn’t ask the permission of your ‘haters’ to bless you. Hasn’t He prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies? (Psalm 23:5) If we expect everyone to be on our side, where then will the enemies be? Stop giving major roles in your life to people
who have little or no interest in your good. See Saul? Most times, when we speak of Saul, it’s almost always in relation to how jealous he was of David and how he tried on several occasions to kill him, but let’s go back to when Saul was newly anointed to be the first King of the Israelites. The Lord had told His prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as
the king of Israel. When Saul was anointed, some people were on his side and immediately acknowledged him as their king and brought presents to him as a sign of their support. Some others however, were against him. They were referred to as ‘bums and loafers.’ For lack of a better word though, I’ll say they were ‘minors.’ These ones despised him and refused to bring presents to him. They couldn’t see how someone like him could save and lead them.

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