When we were much younger; it was just my elder brother and I. He was my close friend and confidante; even though we were different. He was the introverted, calm and cute one. Even my mum says he was a very quiet baby; hardly fussy, wherever you lay him, you’ll definitely come back and meet him there. I on the other hand, was the outspoken and spunky one. Had a mind of my own and said what was on that mind no matter the consequences. Daring too and always used to asks lots of questions (still do). So on this fateful day, we were home from school and after bathing and having lunch, it was time for siesta. All my life, I only know of one kid who willingly went in for siesta even without being told (our last born). Every other kid I know didn’t like it and had to practically be forced to take a rest even if it meant crying to sleep. Back to my story, that day, Mum was busy in the bakery or kitchen (can’t exactly recall which) and so she shipped us off to their room where we were told to make a bed on the floor and sleep.

She wasn’t laughing or even smiling that day, she was 100% serious. If only we had taken the cue from her mood. After telling us what to do, she locked us in and went off to continue whatever it was she was doing. After making the bed and laying on it, we were so bored and not a bit sleepy. We tried to gist but then my sweet elder brother  suggested something even more fun; ransacking through my parents’ drawers (which was just beside the bed we had just made; temptation, much?) This was where they kept all documents; as in all theirs as well as ours. Trust me na, I was so game! We had gone through our own files; reminiscing and sharing jokes. Instead of us to stop there and keep the files back, we still weren’t satisfied, and so we picked my Dad’s official documents and started looking for what
wasn’t looking for us. It was at this moment that my darling mum came in. That woman was way too fast mehn! It was like she suspected we were up to no good and so she sneaked up on us, put the key in and opened the door even before we could cover up our mischief. When she came in, we froze; as in all those cartoons we used to watch then and she asked a simple question; whose idea was it to open the drawers and bring out the files? Easy question, right?

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  1. Chioma Ogbodo says:

    There is definitely foolishness in a child’s heart

    • Ada says:

      Yes o, and with the rod of correction, we shall drive it far away.

  2. Bobbles E says:

    Nice read. Truly blessed🙌🏿

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