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How are we all doing?

So a little over two weeks ago, I was with my younger brother in the kitchen; he was doing the dishes while I kept him company, and when I say dishes, I mean our cereal bowls and my bread plate because when it comes to dishes, omo, every man for himself o. If you are able to find someone doing theirs at the same time you wanna do yours, s/he could help if you ask nicely. So yeah, he was doing the breakfast dishes plus a pot (If you see how I had to beg before he agreed to wash the pot eh, you would think it was something else. I’ve observed that a good number of guys don’t like the idea of washing pots; they even go as far as leaving an insignificant amount of food in the pot just so they have an excuse not to wash it. To be fair though, some ladies do this too. I understand, but I feel that if properly soaked, with adequate detergent and water, it’s really no big deal). Oh my! digression much?

Back to my story – while we were chatting, the door that leads to the balcony was left ajar and the sun rays were coming in a bit and looking at myself through the window, I made a comment on how beautifully fairer I was looking because I had been indoors for quite a while. You wouldn’t believe my brother’s comment that cracked me up big time. He said, “Abi? I wish I had your complexion. You are just there wasting it!”
Guys, can you imagine? ‘Wasting it?’ Please, how do people waste their complexion? When I asked what he meant, he referred to how it would have been more useful to him and beneficial to his modeling and photography careers. So this is me advertising to anyone that has a decent modeling company – I have a very good model for you o, but you would have to go through me just so I know the kind of job you would have my brother doing.

For those who have read previous episodes, it is the same young man that asked if I had any money I wasn’t using. Apparently, complexions can be wasted too. Now you know. I wonder what quirky question or comment he will bring up next. stillwondering

Till then, remain steadfast in the Lord.

On a more serious note though, when people comment on how much I am ‘shining,’ I know that it’s beyond the physical – the glory is from within; we are simply privileged carriers.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#

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  1. Joshua Goodmus says:

    Well articulated. God bless you sis.
    Just to let you know I was here. Smiles

  2. Bubbles Bee says:

    Interesting , yet deep read.

    keep up the good work. Shine on

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