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It’s so unbelievable what one can find when one really looks. In this case, I am referring to the book of Ezekiel! I didn’t know how interesting it was until I started studying some chapters therein. Normally, when mentioned, the picture that comes to mind is Prophet Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones commanding them back to life and into a great army. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I began to discover more treasures; one of which I’ll briefly share:


Ezekiel 36 : 36 (GNT) – “Then the neighboring nations that have survived will know that I, the LORD, rebuild ruined cities and replant waste fields. I, the LORD, have promised that I would do this – and I will.”



Often times when we lose things for whatever reason, one of the first possible questions that plague our mind is, ‘what if we never recover it (them)?’ This is a valid question especially when you are already used to the comfort or stability it (they) provided. Job lost almost everything in one day (‘almost,’ because he still had his life, wife, friends and house). I wonder his state of mind per bad news…

The people of Israel time and again, went contrary to the precepts of their God; hence they constantly suffered the consequences of their disobedience. It’s so easy for us to marvel at why they couldn’t just obey God. How hard could it be – for example – to not worship idols, right? But it’s so easy to say when the spotlight isn’t on us. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the same position as the Israelites; we do what He has in love, commanded us not to. And at other times, we could be like Job, who did things right in the sight of God but still had to go through such trying times. But God is not in confusion about what to do in such cases. He has promised to ‘rebuild our ruined cities’ and ‘replant our waste fields.’ This was both a relief and a blessing to me because at certain times, hope seems so far but thank God He is ever near (even when it doesn’t feel so), and He has a great plan too!

So cheer up Brethren, He has promised, He will do it!



Oh Lord, You Who knows all. Nothing is hidden from You Father, and so we pray that in times when we can’t see past the ruin and wastes in front of us; when we are blinded by the pain of loss and everything looks so gloomy, strengthen our hearts to remember that not only do you forgive, you also rebuild and replant. Amen.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#





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