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From time to time, I come across words that minister to my heart. Be it from a book, post, movie, person; wherever and whatever, I endeavor to either write down in my book or save them on my phone, re-visiting as needed. Kindly indulge me as I share some;


  • The First is a conversation between two pastors Culled from the movie, ‘A Question of faith.’


“Pastor 1; I mean, shouldn’t we work with a contractor that wants to work with us?

Pastor 2; Maybe that will make you feel more comfortable, but that’s not who we are; David, we are men of God. That means we made a commitment to the path He chose for us, not the one we want to choose. David, we go where He tells us to go, we do what He tells us to do, even if it makes us uncomfortable.”


  • “God is not obligated to bring victories to battles you are not supposed to be in.” ~Joel Osteen


  • “You are often as loyal as your options.” ~Essence Atkins


  • “Don’t cry it’s over, smile it happened.” ~Unknown


  • “Even detours are leading to somewhere.” ~ Culled from the movie, ‘Sincerely, Yours, Truly.’


  • “The cross is the danger signal to you. It warns you that if God spared not His only Son, He will not spare you. It is the lighthouse set on the rocks of sin to warn you that swift and sure destruction awaits sinners if you continue to rebel against the Lord.” ~Charles Spurgeon


  • “When you ask God for something, you need to be ready and willing to receive it.” ~ Culled from the movie, ‘Always a bridesmaid.’


  • “You need to find something you are willing to die for, and then you need to live for it.” ~Unknown


  • “The One who fully knows us unconditionally loves us.” ~Our Daily Bread Devotional


  • “Your soul is more important to God than your ministry.” ~Evangelist Mike Bamiloye


Hope you picked a thing or two??


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#




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