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Hello guys.
So a couple days ago, I let myself into the gate and was so grateful to God for an overall good day. Apparently, no
one was home and so I was already savouring a very quiet time of eating and resting afterwards, was also thankful
that I had remembered to take the spare key along that morning while rushing off to work; I was wondering what I
would have done if I had forgotten to, only to come home and meet no one, I would have been stranded! While in
wonderland, I reached my hand into my bag and emerged with a strange bunch of keys. I went through a series of
emotions in a space of like 10seconds. I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, scream, or sigh. All my fantasies about
chilling just vanished like poof! In case you are amongst those who still haven’t figured out what happened, let me
rewind. So remember when I said I was grateful that I had remembered to take the key along so I wouldn’t have to
be stranded outside? Yeah! Exactly that happened, but this time I didn’t forget the key, I actually took a key but it
was the wrong one. Nooooooo….. (screaming as in Indian movies). What I was scared of had eventually happened.
I kept looking at the bunch as if it will automatically transform into the right one. I even tried to use one of it that
looked like that of the door’s. It didn’t work. I took a deep breath, brought my phone out and dialled my mum’s
number. Thankfully, she picked up and when I told her what happened and asked where they were, she started
panicking at how long I would have to stay outside because they were caught up in traffic and all what not….had to
call her attention back to focus on the key question which was ‘what exactly her ETA was.’ Thankfully, she was
specific enough, finally! We hung up and I resigned to my fate. I rummaged my mind for a number of things I could
do because I absolutely didn’t wanna waste precious time. For starters, I needed to find a place to sit.
Unfortunately, the chairs were all in. The elevated platforms didn’t work either because the sun was reflecting still
on them. I was left with the option of the front or side stairs; the former was a no-brainier because of the sun, and so
the last standing option was the latter which at least has some shielded parts. I looked around for something to sit on
and it was then that I happened upon a brochure for an occasion my family attended sometime last year. I smiled and
shook my head because I remembered vividly how people always seem to struggle for brochures and souvenirs/
party favours as if they couldn’t do without whatever was in there. Let me dwell here a bit because to be honest,
that’s why I thought to write this. When I was much younger, my mum bore a drill in my head (figuratively, of
course) and in there, she stuffed the knowledge that it was always better to have at least a light meal before going to
an(y) occasion, than to go there and start behaving like one who hadn’t had a decent meal in ages. I guess it stuck
more than intended, because I always try to have a bite before setting off for any occasion and when I get there, I eat
as little as possible because usually, I am already full. I also love to order unconventional meals. Yasss!! It’s always
fun though watching people try to get the server’s attention for food and drinks. How much can one’s tummy really
take at a sitting? (I often wonder). Another wonder is the scampering for souvenirs, I agree that there are some really
unique ones that would really be nice to get. But the way people get all riled up and sometimes resort to struggling
and shouting to ensure they get them (and sometimes, even brochures) is absolutely beyond me. As if at the end of
the day, the brochures will not eventually end up in the trash. Like was the fate of the one I had seen thrown out. Let
me stop here for now, maybe some other day, I’ll expound upon the matter.
Back to my initial gist, thankfully, I found a worthy investment of my time and almost an hour later, they came
back. Apparently, our girl had mistakenly kept the strange bunch of keys in the wrong location and seeing as I was
late for work, I hurriedly picked it up without checking. I was too tired and hungry to be mad and so I just went to
my room. Even though the day had overall being a good one, it started on an awry note. I stayed in bed just a little
longer than usual and that made me run late for work by a few minutes plus the fact that my bolt driver chose that
day (of all days o) to misunderstand his map. Whew! Anyhoo, we bless God for everything.
An unrelated Testimony
Just yesterday while praying, I saw in one of my prayer notes, a Word from God that came exactly a year ago today
(20/1/21) and I couldn’t but marvel at its accuracy and fulfilment. It’s so amazing to know that God’s Word is yeah
and amen! If only we believe, for all things are possible to them that believe. I am so proud to be His.
On this note, I would like to encourage everyone to have a pen and note ready to write down whatever the Lord may
say while we are in fellowship with Him. If possible, write down dates, time, place. Be specific. The Word of the
Lord will never fall to the ground without fulfilling that which It had been sent to. We can trust what He says. It is
worth everything.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#

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