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Hey guys, how have we been?
Today, I’ll be sharing on a post I shared on Facebook sometime ago.
It blessed me and I hope it does you too.
Here goes…

So, we were in a meeting the other day, and a friend of mine turned to me and said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’ What prompted him to make this statement? There was this guy that was always quiet, for one reason or the other, he hardly spoke. And so we (yes o, including yours truly), didn’t really think much of him. On that particular day, we were discussing on a particular matter, and he spoke like we had never heard him speak and guess what? He silenced every single person present (including the ‘sabos’ and the ‘efikos’)..what he was saying was new to us and guess what?? It was making mega-sense. For those that thought they knew, he exposed their ignorance. For those that had never heard him speak (including that particular friend of mine), they were stunned! They took his quietness for cluelessness (if there’s no word like that, then consider it as Ada’s invention).
What am I trying to say? Don’t just write someone off simply because you think they don’t measure up to your standards (may be in education, wealth, intelligence,looks, status, etc…) or just because they have a disability. You never know who God can use to be a blessing to you.

On another note, your background is not an excuse for you to be arrogant or for you to feel inferior. Your father’s money is his money; he worked for it. Is it your rightful inheritance? Yes. Does that mean you should fold your hands and do nothing? Of course not! There is a certain satisfaction one gets on seeing the fruit of his labour. When he sees the reward for working while others slept; for getting his hands dirty in the mud even though he has a mansion and fleet of cars at his disposal, even his parents respect that show of responsibility.

Also, the fact that you come from a poor background should be motivation enough to strive with all you’ve got to make a better life. Infact, the best life; not just for you, but for as many as you can reach out to with your wealth.

Personally, I have noticed that there are many opportunities to make it in life. But life doesn’t just dish it out to you because you are nice or pretty or gentle, nah ah! You have to be desperate enough to want it AND go for what you want. The violent taketh it by force!! Don’t listen to those who say you can’t make it or can’t have what you know with all your heart is yours. The fact that they can’t have it or are too willy-hearted to go for it doesn’t mean you should be too. Who even gave them the right to tell you what you can and can’t have? Are they your Manufacturer, abi na Assist Manufacturer, Heaven Plc… how na? My Dear, dare to be dogged and rugged. Be passionate, persistent and consistent. Race for it and don’t look back. You are only allowed to look up (to God) and forward (to your end result). Don’t give up, stick to that vision (you alone caught it), be focused and don’t involve so many people (if @ all). Too many hands spoil the food.

Finally, whatever you findeth to do, do it diligently and with all your heart, as if working unto the Lord and not man.
See eh, even if it’s shoe making or singlet manufacturing, or making umbrellas, as long as your hands are busy for good, and your heart is in it, you will do well. Just work at getting better. It might take sometime, but it eventually will. Moreso, when God is involved. For He is committed to blessing the works of our hands and prospering us.
A friend of mine recently told me about how some people thought he was wasting time and money on taking programming courses and he asked for my opinion. I simply said to him the same thing I am telling you, ‘It’s too late to prepare when opportunity presents itself.’ Do I hear you asking, How? Uhmmm…OK. If I came to you now, a caterer, and asked if you could organise a 3 course buffet (Red velvet cake must dey the dessert o) for an exquisite event I’m organising and you say to me, ‘Madam, because I’ve never had a big shot client like you, the only things I know how to prepare are our conventional meals and snacks, but I have one catering school I have been planning to attend. I can go there and do a crash programme for like 10days. Can you please hold on till then?’ What do you think my answer will be? Yes Darlings, your guess is as good as mine. I hope you get the point now?
So, learn all you can, whether you need it now or later. Just gather it! Does it look pointless, but you have a good opportunity to learn it? Just go ahead. Personal experience has taught me that Knowledge is Power and that no knowledge is actually a waste. Somehow, sometime it’ll come in handy.

On a lighter note, the day I find a tailor that even though he/she sews exceptionally well, will deliver my dress exactly as promised, that day, My mentality about tailors will change and I can trust again. Lol..
People of God, I rest my case.
God bless us all and engrace us to do the needful.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#

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