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There are some experiences that are so ingrained in my memory that I doubt I’ll ever forget. Let me share a funny one;

School vacation was about coming to an end and we were slated to resume in a few days. I was still in Secondary school then. Normally, Mom was responsible for buying our provisions, toiletries, and the likes, but that particular period, she traveled and so our lists had to go to Dad. Even before we gave them to him, we knew that alu me (wahala dey)! Just a little background story to enable you guys understand better – My Dad believes in getting one the basics and if necessary, a little extra (in moderation). My Mom on the other hand, is the Chairlady of the Extras’ Committee. She shops like a person with an unlimited budget (I pray o), so she has a penchant for getting us much more than we actually need, and so we got used to that. Back to my story – when I gave Dad my list, he first scanned to the total figure and laughed, he then went over the items one after the other, smiling and giving out short laughs at intervals (I wondered what was so funny). He kept making funny comments; for example, when he got to my bathing soap (delta), which I specified quantity as 6, he mockingly said, ‘Soso six? Ma one million,’ which translates to ‘Only six? Even one million.’ Kai! That thing pained me eh, no be small (I can still remember those words like they were said yesterday). This lovely man so used cutlass on my list that if I had my own money then, I would have told him not to bother and foot my bills myself (based on who I be na). Hahaha… But seeing as I was still in the stage of ‘Daddy, thank you,’ I had to tread with caution. #winks# His reason for downsizing my list was that it was just a month to visiting day and he couldn’t understand the ‘extravagance’ he was seeing on my list. It didn’t even occur to him that of course, it had mostly always been a month interval between resumption and visiting day, and that I had written the list as moderately as I could, bearing in mind who was handling things this time. After he was done with my list eh, I wasn’t even smiling. I was so miffed. There was nothing I could do though, save complain to my elder brother who told me not to worry but try to manage since visiting was just a month away and Mom was gonna be back by then. Brothers and sisters, that was my consolation o. Plus, I think an Aunt of mine gave me some pocket change (very important in school those days).

Now before then, I had naturally assumed that Mom was always gonna be around and so, I kindda took her for granted. It was only when she traveled that I realized what an angel she had been to me (us). I couldn’t wait to have her back and so, you can imagine my reaction when I saw her at my visiting a month later. You would think I had just won a lottery; I was so excited, but mostly relieved.

Being the sweetheart that she is, she more than made it up to me even before I told her what happened. She knows the husband she married na. Hehe… wonderful man.

Really, you don’t know what you have until you either lose it, or come close to losing it. For some others though, they DO know what they have, they just never thought they would lose it.

Most of us often show lack of appreciation to those who put themselves out there for us every day; and that is not nice.

It is important to appreciate (who) or (what) you have now, don’t wait till (they) are or (it) is gone.

That is why as much as I can, I often tell my loved ones how much they mean to me and how I appreciate them. Cost me almost nothing to do so.

You too can try it sometime.

P.S; Dad does have his strong points, extras just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#






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