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We often joke amongst ourselves about how if we eventually decide to air a family reality series, the world will never stop laughing and we will also make loads of cash. My family is lit! From my Dad who thinks and says the weirdest things with a straight face, to my Mum who is an absolute sweetheart yet the undisputed Queen of Sass; gentle and collected outside while very sarcastically funny (harmlessly) inside. It’s almost always a happening moment with her around. My siblings & I are in a class of our own but if you are really fishing for trouble, then get my Mum and immediate younger brother in the same space and boom, it’s really game over! Haha……..

Family is very important and in as much as it is good to have a great relationship with one’s family members (especially the immediate family), my heart goes out to all those who due to one circumstance or the other, have a rather bad experience with theirs. May God heal and mend what has been broken. Amen.

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