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For some of us, having experienced God and seen Him come through for us countless times, we just know that we have found gold and are not ever letting go. The best decision I have made and will ever make in my entire life is to have said yes to Jesus and if given the opportunity to do it all over again, my answer will still be loudly and gladly, YES! He has made my life so meaningful. I often tell Him; ‘Lord, You’re pretty much the only reason why I wake up each morning.’ And that’s the truth.

Without Him, I would have been hopeless, scared and empty. A friend of mine likes to say; ‘I don’t know how people that don’t know God cope, I can’t even imagine life without Him.’ That’s the way I feel too. My Faith journey has been wow! Hasn’t been without its own fair share of trials but in all, we thank God for strength and victory. It will give me nothing short of great pleasure to share it with y’all. With permission from my friends, I hopefully will get to share some of theirs’ too.

Will also be sharing some Scriptural insights garnered in the place of prayer and meditation.

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