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For some time now, my state of mind has been; ‘What’s going on? What’s happening?? Where are we headed to? What’s the prognosis of this ailment that seems to be ailing us?’

World news have been discouraging – to put it mildly. Unbelievable things: things that would have been an abomination 10-15 years ago, scratch that, 5 years ago; things that were unheard of, have now become the order of the day. Just when you think you’ve heard the worst possible thing, another one springs up that makes the former pale in comparison. The truth is that my natural mind is beginning to lose faith in humanity (and this is me being honest). When I think about the future of the human race, I am scared of how things might be in say, 5-10 years from now. What environment will our kids have to grow in? Both home and abroad, violence and the likes await. My friends and family will bear me witness that for some time now, after we gist about all that is going on in the world, my conclusion has been; ‘’Jesus should please just come, I am tired.” 

I know this might sound selfish, but that’s the way I feel with all that is happening. I wish I could be more like Paul who was of the mind that even if he so wanted to be with his Savior, he felt it would be better for the church if he was with them here on earth. I agree I am not Paul, and that even though I would want to be like him, right now, I just want Jesus to come. I want all these suffering, pain, death, sicknesses, sorrows, disappointments, atrocities to end.

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago, and I said to him – ‘This life is just somehow. When you are much younger, you can’t wait to grow up and start doing adult things (it’s so serious that if as a preteen, someone ‘mistakenly’ address you as a child, you pick offence). When you then officially become an adult (which is overrated, by the way), you try to finish university/college, then get a good job or start a business, rent/build a house, buy a car. Then pressures from both the concerned and unconcerned (aproko) people will be on you to get married; after you do, you would think they will back off, right? for where?, you find out that the real life has just begun because that is when the whole world will be on you to bring forth kids (as if you are God that gives children) and you must give birth to both sexes oh, if not, you’ll keep being present in the delivery room until you finally have sense to know that both sexes are a gift from God and we are blessed to have them as the Lord gives us. Then the working hard to train them comes up; where we work all day, every day to give them a good life (that is the good parents o), in addition to working, we also have to be there for them to train them and bring them up in the fear of the Lord (for their long term good), and then they grow, marry and leave the house and we retire and come back home, and some, who in the course of all their hustling, develop chronic illnesses have to  treat until old age, when they die and are buried, their progeny continues the circle and so, the wheels turn round and round, to what end really?’

After saying all these, he said to me, ‘Remember this was spoken about in the book of Ecclesiastes? Life is vanity upon vanity.’

‘I know, so what’s the point then?’ I said.

Sometimes guys, things look really discouraging. It’s so bad that you don’t even know who to trust anymore.

Life was intended to be beautiful. We were to have this wonderful ‘koinonia’ with our Creator; where He talks to us lovingly and we do same. We just stay basking in His awesomeness and glory; unbroken fellowship. But trust humans na, it is not today that they started thinking that they are smarter than God and they went their own way and ate the forbidden fruit and viola! Here we are. #shakingmyhead# 

You would think people would have learnt their lessons, but no.

So as long as you keep being boss of your own life and doing whatever pleases your flesh, whatever you see, you take as your lot. But for those of us who have reasoned this thing and have seen that it isn’t working for us, we have found the best way in our Father and so, He is committed to us.


That’s the reason why in spite of all that is happening, there is something that keeps me going. Just one thing really; nothing else.

It is my trust in God. Even till my last breathe, I’ll always be grateful to God for the privilege of saying yes to Him. I very often wonder where and how I would have been without Him – a beautiful mess, no doubt. I have found God and I am never letting go (by His Grace).  I have seen people that haven’t accepted Him and I see how their lives are and I am very sure that I do not want that for myself and so, I’ll hold on to Him.

Life without God just isn’t worth it.

And so this post is dedicated to all those who like me, seem to struggle to make sense of what is happening in our world today.

Guys, get to know God. 

Naïve and sincere as you are, search to know Him. Even Paul said that every single achievement of his, was nothing compared with the knowledge of Christ. (Phil 3:8)  

It’s so worth it and it’s the only thing that will keep you going when all else fails. 

It is well.

We will keep taking one step at a time…

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#





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