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Isn’t God attentive and amazing? So my ‘soonest’ testimony came 3 days after my last post. Firstly, I got a cash gift of two half times what was missing. Unexpectedly. I was so excited and as I made to pay the tithe on the extra, the Lord said to me, pay the full amount for this is not it. You will yet get back exactly what was missing.
Secondly, His Word came to pass because the person that for some reason didn’t pay the complete amount, five days later said it was some sort of mix-up, and so, I’m getting my balance! Alleluia!! Our lives are truly in the hands of the Lord. He knows it all and can do it all. I believe He is set to do much more than we imagine or expect; He will give us the best of the best.


On another note, earlier in the month, I listened to a YouTube message titled ‘Empty-handed’ by Sarah Jakes Roberts (for those who do not know, she is the daughter of T. D. Jakes). It was such a simple but great message that I noted a number of points I would like to share;
  • ‘Destiny doesn’t just separate you, it isolates you. It strips you of every weapon you have learnt to use.’
  • ‘Every storm is a servant. It’s teaching you something; it’s carrying you something.’
  • ‘What if that thing you are going through right now, what it produces inside of you is what others are gonna celebrate about you down the road.’
  • ‘What if the storm is teaching you something?’


I hope you gained some perspective. To get the full message, kindly type title on YouTube.
If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#
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