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As much as one works or studies, it is also necessary to take time out and just relax. Last month for me was full; I had a million and one things to do in such little time. It was so hectic that I honestly believe I was supplied supernatural strength from God because with all I had to do, I was also on a spiritual fast for most of the month. By His grace, I achieved almost all my goals for the month and by the last week, I was so stressed out that I started feeling ill but I refused to take any treatment because I knew it was stress-induced. I simply took pmol tabs for two days. We were to travel for a burial slated for the last four days of the month. With the way I was feeling, I wondered how I was gonna cope but I had a good nap the day before and the morning of our travel date. We went in a convoy and so, it was comfy because it was mostly family and friends. By the time we got there, we had to rush to the Church for Service of songs after which we went back to the house. The live band musicians were already setting up and while waiting for our meal, we sat outside on chairs, gisting, catching up, meeting people and all that… I already felt better…#smiles# We stayed out till very late before leaving to our various places of rest and even though I went to bed at about 1:30am, I was doing really good. By the next morning, I was back to my normal self; no traces of stress. After Church, it was time for entertaining guests and so we left for the reception venue. It was so much fun eh, I danced to different live band traditional songs. Also, Mom, Dad and Elder bro came that day and it was good being with them. I had small chops, suya and two bottles of malt. Later at night, I had half plate of party jollof and fried meat. I skipped the barbeque fish & chips, pepper soup, chapman, etc….

The highlight of the day for me was dancing; so much so that my Mom had to inquire from me when I started liking traditional live bands. Hehe… Saturday was a bit boring because there was no music, even though I heard there was music during the walk round the village (which I refused to partake in abeg, make person no go faint). Lol.. On Thanksgiving Sunday/departure day, we stuck around the house for a bit after Church to gist some more and say our goodbyes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself; really. By then, I couldn’t believe that just a few days before, I wasn’t feeling too strong.  Immediately I got back into town, I felt the change in the environment. I was jolted back to reality – my short holiday was over! I wasn’t so sad though because not only had I caught a gush of fresh air, I would be leaving town again soon, God – willing.

I don’t know about y‘all but my head gets full at certain times of the year and in such times, I try to skip town for even a day or more (as I can afford to) and whenever I return, it’s always with a relaxed mind and fresh perspective. Always works! You should try it sometime and if it works, please recommend it to someone else. This life eh, na jeje… Dem no dey fit do everything for one day, so take am easy. #winks#


P.S; Papa was 90, so it was more like a celebration of life. Even though he is physically gone, his legacy lives on.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#




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