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I was speaking to my mum a few days ago and she wasn’t so pleased with someone who wanted to get a product from her. What happened is that this particular person ordered a product but kept changing the quantity needed, and so that day, my mum wasn’t just feeling it. I told her what I often have to remind even myself- ‘Your destiny is not in the hands of any man.’ Let me say it again, ‘Your destiny is not in the hands of any man.’ Yes!! And I am so grateful for that. God works through men but ultimately, He is both Source and Sustainer. He daily loaded us with benefits. When man closes one door, He either re-opens it or opens a better one.
I also told her not to worry, that the person that was to buy the remaining products would come. I remember when I was looking for a small chops vendor for my birthday celebration last year; the first two vendors I contacted were really behaving funny. The third vendor (whom I didn’t really think I would use) eventually did it. How? So, I tasted her cake and didn’t really like it, but others who tasted same cake did. And so I decided, maybe it was my taste buds or something and so I reached out to her; from the very first conversation, I already liked her and we gisted about other stuff like we were old friends. On hanging up, I recall telling myself that I should engage her services. Still, I wasn’t convinced a 💯. I was to send some details but I held off hoping to seek yet another vendor. The fact that she didn’t hound me with calls and messages got my attention. She was secure in the fact that what was hers would come to her and so, went about her business. I didn’t find any other vendors plus it kept coming up in my mind to hire her for the job, and so I did. God forbid that I will be the one to stand in the way of someone else’s blessings, if anything, I will be a channel for. So you see?? Trust God. The hearts of kings are in His hands and He will turn them in to favour you. Yes!! He will overturn, overturn, and overturn until your portion gets to you.
Just after encouraging mum, a similar thing happened to me. Someone was supposed to pay me some money and for some reason, didn’t pay in full. I had even gone ahead to tithe the full sum expected. When I saw the alert, I was just weak. As I made to fret, the Holy Spirit reminded me yet again that my destiny wasn’t in the hands of any one man. And so my prayer changed to, ‘Lord, you don’t take what is not yours and since I have already paid the tithe on this money, it will come; even if from another source and much more than that. Thank You Lord, Amen.’
I believe God and will share my testimony soonest.
In conclusion, let’s learn to look to God for provision. All those wealthy Aunts and Uncles and Bosses and
Colleagues have needs and beneficiaries too. Favour is in Zion; go there and move yours. I am so content knowing that the same God Who put a coin in the mouth of a fish is my God; and Whose home streets are lined with gold. What then can’t He give me (us)??
Take home points:-
  • Thank God Your destiny isn’t in the hands of any one man.
  • When a man’s ways pleases the Lord, even his enemies are moved to bless him. (paraphrased)
  • Don’t box God. Don’t judge with the physical. Help will come from unexpected quarters. Surely.
  • Every good and perfect gift cometh from the Lord and added no ‘tingily’ sorrow. (paraphrased)
May God never allow us depend on another man for our daily bread, Amen.
If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#
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