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Hey guys…..
What’s up?
Thank God for making it to the 14th day of the new year.
Just wanted to admonish y’all to set the pace for the year from this month.
I feel so strongly in my spirit that this year will be much better than last. I just know it, for as many of us that believe and engage.
I love January because it’s a time for fasting and prayer; so much so that whenever we are about to round up, I become nostalgic because I’ll miss it (I kid you not). For not only do I get to fervently exercise my spiritual muscles, I also get to burn my physical fat (many people will ask, which fat? Na una know). Lol… But on a more serious note, I am relieved that almost all ministries take out time to fast and pray from the beginning of the year. I only pray and hope that individuals will catch up and learn to set the spiritual thermostat for the year; for whether we believe it or not, there are arrows that fly by day, and terrors by night. What you don’t go looking for, can come looking for you. You’ve gotta be ready. If it’s 7days, 21, 31, 90, 100 or more; take the time and seek God’s face. Some do 6am-12pm; 6am-3pm; 6am-6pm or even whole days; some do fruit fast (only fruits), or water fast (just water, no food), while others do dry fast (no food or water). As your faith carries you, kindly do. The devil is not relaxing, why should you?? Acts 23:12,21 tells of forty men who bound themselves under a curse, swearing that they would neither eat nor drink till they have killed Paul. Can you imagine? Paul’s only ‘wrong’ was preaching the Gospel of Christ. Do you still think I am joking?? The Kingdom of darkness means serious business (learnt that the hard way last year), and if you are not rightly equipped, you’ll definitely end a casualty of life’s battles. Fasting simply means denying the flesh of its pleasures in order to charge the spirit. In fasting; you deny yourself of such pleasures as food, movies, social media, excessive talk and outings, copulation, etc.. and you spend time praying, studying/meditating on God’s Word and evangelizing. Fasting and prayer even helps handle addictions. Personally, while fasting – I talk to God, listen to YouTube messages, read spiritual books and devotionals, study my bible, spend time charging myself in the Holy Ghost, give, listen for instructions (if any). Most of my wonderful inspirations were gotten in the place of waiting on God. Fasting without prayer is an exercise in futility. It’s true that not all that make it in life apply this principle, but also true is the fact that durable riches is of the Lord. Hoping for the best while folding your hands idly will only multiple your poverty quotient. How many of us are tired of the ‘status quo?’ I know I am. Let’s press in for more….
It’s not too late; you have two more weeks in this wonderful month, make it count. Join in and receive your testimony in the course of the year. Your status truly is changing, there is no more decline.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#
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