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While studying today, I came across a fascinating story that even though I had prior knowledge of, its full implication hit me this day! It’s the story of Rahab in Joshua chapters 2 and 6. Guys, can you believe that I always thought Rahab was a repentant prostitute, as in, that the prostitution thing was a thing of the past. You can then imagine my surprise when I read that as at the time the spies were sent to Jericho, “…….They arrived at an inn operated by a woman named Rahab, who was a prostitute…..” Joshua 2:1 (TLB)

Really? She was the operator of an inn (say like a motel) and she was also a prostitute? Hmm…. no be small thing o. I imagine how far ‘gone’ she must have been that even the rope she had in her house was scarlet; even that is of significance. How then was she able to belong to the lineage of Christ?

I’ll tell you – She was wise. She was tactful. She understood the supremacy and sovereignty of God. She was well-informed of the doings of God in the midst of His people and that was why she was able to say to the spies in Joshua 2:9, “I know perfectly well that your God is going to give my country to you…..”  and in verse 11, “….for your God is the supreme God of heaven, not just an ordinary god.”

She knew that her city was as good as gone, so she took a risk in trusting God and His people, and God responded to her faith by letting His people save her and all that were related to her who were present in her house.

Even though they initially had to live outside the camp of the Israelites because they were ‘unclean,’ with time, she sanctified herself to serve God and through marriage, became featured in the lineage of grace. I don’t understand God some times; His ways are really higher than ours. Who would have done such a thing? Not just forgiving a wanton woman but also making her one of the ancestors of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Wow! This God, nawaoo…. Wonders everywhere.

Truly, I am just glad to belong to such a GOD.

Let me conclude with an excerpt from Women’s Devotional & Study Bible, “How easy it is to judge someone like Rahab as having no worth, no place in the purposes of God. The LORD assessed this situation differently. How responsive he was to Rahab’s faith in him! By human standards, Rahab was immoral, a liar and a traitor. After Jericho’s fall, Rahab and her family were kept outside the Israelite camp until they were ceremonially clean. But from that time, because of her faith, Rahab was built into the family of God. This exploited Canaanite woman of ill repute was rewarded with life: a secure position by marriage in one of the leading families in Israel, eternal life with God in heaven, and a place in history as an ancestor of our Saviour, Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:5).

Rahab’s life is a reminder that no-one needs to remain separated from God. Rahab stepped out of her past and left it behind. Wisdom, wealth, influence and breeding mean nothing to God nor does a questionable past affect his acceptance of us. God asks only for faith in action.”


Hope this blessed you as it did me.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#





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