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  • That no one (except our Merciful Father) is gonna just hand over to you, what you think you deserve. You’re gonna have to go for it and dare to get it. There is space for you at the top. Soar!


  • There is a time to silently move and a time to consult with man. Do NOT communicate divine instructions prematurely. Act and let the results speak. Receive wisdom to know when.


  • That Obedience is the surest way of securing your inheritance in Christ. You’ll keep struggling as long as you’re disobedient to the promptings of the Spirit. Peace is a result of complete obedience.


  • Divine favor is not randomly picked up along the streets, it is given by God.


  • When God decides to surprise you, even you, will be amazed. My best gifts of people and things were gotten when I least expected, I didn’t go ‘hustling’ for them, they just came to me. Go for grace, leave sweat.


  • The battle is for your seed and future. The devil knows who you can become in Christ and will do all he can to stop you. Don’t be deceived; he hates you ever so passionately and will always collect back more than you are willing to give. We therefore need to be as wise as serpents.


  • I learnt that all my convictions about sanctification, holiness, righteousness, self control and discipline are true. Some people try to convince one otherwise, but I realized that we the ‘called,’ have been upheld to a higher standard of living. We can’t dabble in some things because we will lose our places in life if we do. Trying to find my way in worldly things is like a fish trying to live outside water, it’s fate is already sealed – it canNOT survive. Being without Christ, opens me up to attacks by the wicked ones and so, I am sticking to the Kingdom way of living. Period.


  • Broken crayons still color (name of a devotional I read); yeah they do. Yes brother. Yes sister. God is NOT done with us yet, why count ourselves out? No matter how much of a mess we are, God can still use us to paint a beautiful picture to the world. We need to stop running from, but to Him.


  • God does resist the proud. Really. However, to the weak, He gives strength; to the humble, He exalts. I have learnt to be dependent on Him in ALL things, that is, after dislocating my hip (figuratively).


  • I learnt to really be still and trust God. I got tired of tryna ‘handle’ things myself and so I told God to take over and I meant it. Guess what? He did. If you cry out to God with all of your heart, He will answer you (Jer 29:13).


  • No two people are exactly the same, not even identical twins. So learn to celebrate your uniqueness and never be sorry for or ashamed of who God made you.


  • I learnt that God’s forgiveness is complete and freely available. Isaiah 43:25 “I, yes, I alone am he who blots away your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.” (TLB) What a joy and relief, that He will never think of our sins again, they are blotted out; just imagine with me for 20 secs, a brand new life slate; waow!! Great news. However, that is no license to continue in sin (take note).


  • I learnt that if you do not understand in practical terms what it means to deserve the best, you’ll settle for less.


  • That you’ve got to live life at your own pace, or else are in danger of crashing and burning out plus the best you can ever be; no matter how hard you try, is second-best. What should you then do? Ignore the pressures from people and society, while trusting wholeheartedly that God knows what He is doing and run with patience, the race He has set for you at the pace.


  • That some battles in life are not yours to fight, while some others are not meant to be fought at all. One therefore has to choose their battles wisely to avoid been worn-out on the D-day for key battles. You’ve just got to let some things go, to make room for what’s really important.


  • I learnt that losing a loved one changes you in a way that nothing else does. That when ‘life’ happens, it has the capacity to change you forever. You’ve gotta choose what path to ply – you either stay down and sink deep into a dark place, or dare to take the first baby step, and then another, and another and before long, you are standing tall, running and soaring. Remember – nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass. **smiles**


  • I learnt that the more broken we are, the clearer it becomes to us, our need for God. He is closest when all else seem farthest.


  • That what you allow come in matters a lot. You can’t take in toxic water and expect to give out fresh water; you can’t take in trash and bring forth purity. It is therefore of great importance to guard your heart (eyes and ears) with uttermost discipline, for out of it (them) flow the issues of life.


  • That you say things to see them. You believe things to behold them. Whether you realize it or not, you become in due time, what you constantly say or believe about yourself. Keep declaring, don’t be discouraged. YOU WILL SEE IT. I’ve started this practice and with the results I’m getting, have no plans of quitting.


  • That Heaven and earth shall in truth pass away, but God’s Word remains steadfast forever. God is still God of ALL, and can hold the entire world at a stand still for His Name’s sake. He cannot be mocked.


2020; a year I will never forget in my entire life. Lessons I learnt this year will keep me for life. God, Thank You.

Friends, hope you picked a thing or two. Kindly share with us in the comment section your own lesson(s) for the year.
2021 will be better. Cheers to the new year.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.

#God is Love#
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