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Hey guys!!
Compliments of the Season.
May the commemoration of the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, remind us yet again that we do not need to go through life as before; in pain, sickness, lack and danger. The Light of all men is come; to give us everlasting peace, love, joy, abundance and most important of all, eternal life. Will you say no to Him?? I pray not. 🙂

On another note, Facebook reminded me of a post I made about a funny incident that happened exactly two years ago today and I decided to share. Promise not to laugh o, you hear??

‘So it’s some minutes to 7am….
I, Senior Man and Momsy are in the kitchen; Senior Man was already having breakfast of fried rice, peppered chicken and a chilled can of malt and water. I guess that’s the perks of waking up early to keep Momsy company in the kitchen.
In comes Dad; after the Good Morning Sir and all… He goes…. J, Ada you guys should go and start preparing for Church o, so we don’t go late. We need to be there before 8am. (Today was our Family Thanksgiving Service, a tradition we started few years ago and o, was it lit!!!) Ehen, back to my gist, when Dad told us to go get ready, I piped in; ‘Hmmm, Daddy is it not Bi and Oli that are still sleeping 😴, especially Oli who takes like 2hours to get ready.’ And he says, ‘Where are they? Get me cold water.’ As He heads for their room, I jump up and yell, ‘Yes Sir!’ Trust your girl na, who am I to disobey Dad’s orders??? 😂 So I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and happily hops after him but Momsy being the sharp woman that she is, rushes ahead of me and blocks their door in such a way that I couldn’t enter the room. Luckily for Bi though, he is already up from the bed and Dad goes, ‘Oli, look at the time and you are still sleeping, do you want us to be late for Church?? Get up from there now……….’
Me, I was just pained that the cold water plan didn’t work out. I just jejely turned back and quietly dropped the water back in the fridge.
Mom, Senior Man and Bi were asking why we wanted to pour him cold water in this harmattan; if we wanted him to catch a cold and all…..we just told them to chill abeg, it was just a cover full or so on his legs.. what’s my own?? Is it me that said he should still be sleeping and later come and make us go late to Church? Biko kwa. #rolls eyes#

Hehe…no mind me joor, it has been long that I did small children amebo. It haff really teyd..this growing up sef, small mischievous play, someone cannot play again in peace. Kai!
Hope y’all enjoyed your day?

Hope y’all kept your promise not to laugh?
Later guys…
Watch this space for next week’s post, by God’s grace it’s gonna be instrumental to your next level.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#

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