Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray….

Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray…..

So guys, two days ago being May 18th, a very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday, and so I decided to dedicate a post to her! Met her years ago during my internship training. She was still an undergrad in Med. School but our love for God and novels brought us together. At first, we were just friends, and then we became next door neighbors, and then sisters. She’s beautiful, so sweet, kind, caring, focused and funny. Really smart too; as a matter of fact, on graduation from Med School, she was the best graduating student (female) in her set (please allow me to brag a bit) #smiles# She’s kind of introverted; but quite chatty with those she’s comfortable around. She’s also a great cook. We had so many fond memories together and she’s a friend I plan to keep for life. Yass! Few years ago, I missed spending Christmas with my family because I had to travel to her villa for her traditional marriage which was slated to take place on the 25th of Dec. I sincerely don’t know how many people I can make that sacrifice for. That singular act made my Elder Bro mad at me for months; he couldn’t believe I would choose friend over family. It wasn’t as bad as he made it sound, trust me, but for the first time, I missed our yearly family thanksgiving; my parents found a way to let it go but my brother just couldn’t. Even though I went home the very next day, which by the way, did little to pacify him. He didn’t even credit my account like he usually does during the Christmas period! #weeping silently#

How could I explain to him that it wasn’t a matter of Family Vs Friend because the lady in question was practically family to me and that even though it pained me to miss Christmas with them, I had to make the decision to be there for her because not only did she want me there, she needed me there! And so, there I was; which pleased her no end! Before I made the decision, I recall her telling me something along the lines of, ‘’Ada, I know it’s not a good time for you because it’s Christmas and you always travel home, so I’ll understand if you can’t come, but I really hope you would come, you know I don’t have a lot of friends and……..”  I’m sure you kindda get the drift now on why I had to go.

After the traditional marriage (which ended very late, by the way), I alone escorted her to her husband’s house and even though she later referred to me as being ‘of no use’ to her simply because I showered and went straight to bed as soon as we got there (refusing her pleas to go with her to greet guests waiting down stairs for her), I could tell she was very glad I was with her, even as I felt honored to be chosen. Hehehe… Oshe, chosen!

Before I met her husband-to-be, I remember thinking to myself; ‘’He better be worth it and take very good care of her, if not, he should be ready to deal with me, Hmmph!’’

And then I met him and observed how much he loved and doted on my friend and treated her like the queen that she is and my fears were allayed. Now, he is my friend too, and still treats her so well. Hehe..

I also love that she doesn’t discriminate. Sometime last year, I had the pleasure of planning a trip to meet up with her family some place, after several failed attempts to visit them at their state of residence. And the way she treated her nanny like a friend, was so nice. Even I, who is an advocate of such good treatment of one’s help, couldn’t help but be overly impressed.

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  1. Ifeoma says:

    Oh Adachukwu Obidigbo!!
    You do the sweetest things😭😭….
    May God amaze you, my friend.
    You do have a special place in my ❤😘😘

  2. Chioma Ogbodo says:

    This is so sweet, we await our own birthday message

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