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I used to be so good at planning (still am), the difference these days is that I’m now more flexible with my plans. Formerly, when I planned, I expected things to go exactly as planned and whenever there was a deviation, no matter how little, I began to worry and maybe, get upset. Say for example, I make an appointment with someone and keep to time, only for the person to call after the said time to make excuses why s/he is running late or why they can’t make it, I always get like; ‘Really? and you are just telling me now?’ and just like that, my next few hours would be ruined. Just like that! Or maybe someone promised to get something done for me or go with me some place and then change their minds without letting me know, it always got me hurt. Maybe because I used to trust so much, but then two years ago, God taught me through different life lessons that when something doesn’t go my way, it’s okay. No need to fret and get all worked up because He has (and will always have) the best plan for me.

My boss told me something – that each time things do not go as planned; he doesn’t worry himself. He lets things work out without trying to force them to. He cited a few blows life had dealt him and how they all worked out well at the end. Reminded me of Luke 21:13, “And it shall turn to you for a testimony.”  (KJV)

His perspective definitely changed things for me and influenced my interpretation of ‘disappointments.’ Now, when things aren’t going as planned or people attempt to disappoint me, I just take a deep breath, sit back and watch and I must confess, it’s been a fun experience!

Things end up turning out better than I initially planned.

What we don’t understand is that sometimes, it isn’t the devil attacking us; it is God saving us from imminent danger or setting us up for something far greater.

My friend had a mind-blowing testimony which she shared with me a few weeks ago. God just shut her speechless with a protocol-breaking miracle.

Also recently, my mum was so believing God for a particular thing and when it seemed like He wasn’t coming through for her, she reminded Him of His promises and her sacrifices of love. Men and brethren, when He showed up, He did it in a way and manner that was totally foreign to us; He used a strange set of people to make a Name for Himself. He didn’t give my mum what she wanted in the way she wanted, but went far above and over her and by extension, our expectations.

My mum’s testimony song is one Igbo song that when translated to English language means, “My God is looking out for me, why bother looking out for myself?”

I often feel the same way. God has got me all day! And it feels so good! My life is now more stress-free. Things that used to matter to me don’t matter anymore. People’s disappointments don’t hurt as much; I understand better now – that they are humans and are therefore allowed to make mistakes.

Two recent incidents of my growth in this area;

I way-billed something home early last week and it was supposed to arrive the next day or two. It eventually took a week due to whatever reasons the logistics guys were giving. Now normally, I would be so worked up and mad at them for messing up my plans and all…but this time, I was just chill. I simply hoped the package would arrive its correct destination in one piece. Even though I was disappointed with their poor service, I made excuses for them that maybe they were overworked due to the whole travel restrictions and all. That gave me peace. At the end of the day, people at home received their package and everyone was happy. End of the matter.

Second incident – about two weeks ago, I arranged with a cab guy to come pick me up the next day and we agreed on a time. Few minutes to the said time, I placed a call across to him only to realize that he was still home and not ready. He offered to start coming and  I just politely told him not to bother, that I would get someone else to take me, and even though I was disappointed, I wasn’t angry, it cost me a little more stress but at the end, I got a fairer deal.

I wasn’t mad at him because in less than a week, I called him again for another job. That’s the part of life I enjoy- learning, relearning and unlearning. No man is an isle. No man knows it all. Every day presents an opportunity to do better; to be better. And I am so grateful for that. I have also learnt that often times, things aren’t as bad as they seem in the heat of the moment. If only we can calm down long enough, we’ll see clearly what needs to be done.

So my advice is that whenever things seem to be going out of order, it might be a good time to take a step back and remember to just breathe…

It’s also okay to make excuses for people (for your peace of mind o) and make alternative plans in the eventuality that they fail you.

May God help us to keep emerging better versions of ourselves, Amen.

If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.


#God is Love#




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