Some days ago, I needed to loosen and re-touch my hair. I was in a dilemma; either to visit the salon a couple of blocks from my house or go somewhere else in an entirely different area. I say dilemma because the salon closer to my house is where the girl that can loosen that particular hair style I made worked but I wasn’t as confident in her re-touching style and their dryer had no regulator. My second option wasn’t that re-assuring either because even though they met the second and third criteria, I wasn’t sure they could loosen the hair style and so, I decided to loosen the hair in the first even though I had to pay extra and then I left for the second. Before I got there I already prepared myself for what they might bill me. When I got to the complex and told the young girl what I wanted to do, she told me a price slightly higher than what I was expecting and when I tried to bargain, she said that was the price. I had just taken a few steps out when the owner of the shop came down and called me. On getting back, it happened that we had met somewhere before and then she asked me how much I was willing to pay and we agreed on that. Immediately I sat, they switched on the generator, television, lights and fan. I glanced around and appreciated the beauty of the salon; this was really a beauty salon and not just a salon (rolls eyes). The wall papers, relaxers, interplay of colours, dryer, chairs, nail polish section, wigs, weave-ons, etc. everywhere was just looking so fine and organized, this made me relax comfortably into my seat. I remember thinking to myself, ‘the money is so worth it!’ The girl took her time to re-touch, wash and roll my hair and she did it so professionally well. I was impressed and so I gave her a little something when she was done. After paying, I thanked the woman and told her that I will definitely visit again. My day already looked brighter. Haha…

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  1. Ebulue Ogochukwu says:

    I love this ❤️❤️❤️😍😍♥️♥️

  2. Ada says:

    Of course you do.
    Minister of Enjoyment.

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