A Colleague of mine recently told me to go open a Church and become a Prophetess. In my imagined state of confusion, I asked, ‘What? Why? How?’ He told me it was because three things I told him was gonna happen came true; all in a week! I immediately burst into laughter and told him it’s not about opening a Church or becoming a Prophetess (which is not a criteria, by the way), it’s about having a sixth sense, something I call a ‘woman’s intuition.’ I often say that if our guys listened more to the women in their lives, be it their mothers, sisters, wives, fiancée, friends, etc.., there will be less casualties.

I once read about a woman whose husband finally got the job they had been believing God for. She sensed that other women were coming after him for an affair before he ever did, but because he didn’t have any such intention or thought in mind, he thought he was safe. This was his greatest undoing because before he knew what was happening, it was too late and this caused him to be separated from his wife. Their marriage could have been lost forever but for the work the Lord did in both their hearts. Her exact words were, ‘Restoring our marriage, however, was excruciatingly painful and more difficult than either of us expected. For three years, we had to work through our anger and lay down our hurts for the greater good of our marriage. Even with intensive counseling, we separated and reunited a few more times as we dealt with the deep wounds we had inflicted on one another.’ (Your heart’s desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd). Just think how different things might have turned out had he listened to the concerns of his wife. This is just one of many real life scenarios; guys, sometimes, it’s not that she’s jealous, paranoid or even insecure, it’s simply that she has perceived what is coming beforehand and is just trying to give you a heads up!

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  1. Ada Onuoha says:

    Tell it like it is! This is so true.
    I believe God blessed us with a special kind of intuition 😊

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