I also know of an amazing woman who lost her husband a few years ago. I met her sometime after the incident and the day she shared her story left us both in tears. They had been planning a long-awaited, much deserved family vacation outside the country, with the kids and were very excited and expectant. Sometime before the trip, he had to travel for work with some friends. His wife found the trip unsettling and not just because it was impromptu. There was something off about it, but she just couldn’t place her hands on it. When she shared her concerns with her husband and pleaded with him not to go, he told her that it was just a business trip and that he was going with friends in a private car and will be back soon. The morning of the trip, she felt worse and still tried to convince him not to go, but he did. If I remember correctly, when she was napping later in the day, she had a disorienting dream and woke up to a phone call that her husband and his friends had an accident and that they were in a hospital. When she asked to speak to her husband, they said he was in a comatose state and so, couldn’t talk to anyone. She started panicking and felt so helpless because she didn’t even know what to do from so far away. Long story short, that morning before the trip was the last time she saw her husband alive. She said to me that she suspects her husband was gone even before they placed the call across to her. The story broke my heart…I just kept wondering what would have happened if he hadn’t taken that trip.

Also brings to mind my darling brother. I kept warning him about a particular thing and what could become of it but trust siblings now, they never listen. When my fear finally came to pass, he couldn’t even tell me until he absolutely had to. It wasn’t funny because the case could have been avoided even before it started.

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  1. Ada Onuoha says:

    Tell it like it is! This is so true.
    I believe God blessed us with a special kind of intuition 😊

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