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Very recently, God has been dealing with me in the area of listening to Him, not just reading and saying I have read but really listening to understand and most importantly, apply. The purpose of reading or studying the Word of God isn’t to mark a register that monitors those who read as against those who don’t; not at all. The purpose of giving one’s self to the study of the Word should be to know this God, His ways and what He would have us do. I have begun to understand that one can never fully exhaust God’s Word, just when you think you know it all, a fresh revelation hits you! And oh, how glad that made me; to know that every moment, all the time, God is with me and as long as I will listen, He will keep speaking.
My status right now is that I am daring to believe God sef. It’s not that I have been an unbeliever in His promises, it’s that I sometimes forget that He says EXACTLY what He means and that when He speaks, He does so according to His own ability, not mine. My mind is too limited to comprehend this limitless God and so to fully come into all He has predestined me to be, I have to see through the eyes of the spirit. I’ve purposed to take a new turn and have been studying on people who have gone ahead of me (like a wise person does), and applying principles as led by the Spirit of God. Through prayer, taking up responsibilities, studying, ignoring my flesh and being very intentional, I have indeed seen a different part of godly living.
The few times I left certain outcomes to life and people, how dearly I paid! No more. The day your change comes is the day you decide to take responsibility to do your part. Remember that any faith that places the whole responsibility on God is an irresponsible faith.
Guys, it’s time we do our bit while hoping others do theirs and trusting God to do His.
To experience a different result, you might need to engage a different approach with conventionality.
May God give us wisdom on how to proceed. Amen.
I love you guys.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#
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