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Isn’t it amazing how God can just take over your plans for His Glory? He is so sweet, really.

So today, I decided to go to Church to spend quality time with God; fasting, studying, praying and writing. Didn’t wanna stay home to avoid distractions. Before I left home though, I was already charged spiritually by praying online and listening to praise songs and so immediately I got to church, I burst out praying in the spirit. Mind you, I had already taken along the books I needed (including my Bible) and made a mental note on the order things were to proceed. After praying in the Spirit for over half an hour, I saw myself singing worship songs to God (totally unplanned) during which a Hymn I love so much kept coming to & leaving my mind. I decided to use my ear plugs to play it on YouTube and from then on, it was as if a fountain burst on the inside of my belly; from one worship song to the other, I didn’t know when I fell to my knees and started crying so deeply; It was like I could both feel and touch the love of God (if that even makes sense, but then, what makes sense these days anyway?)

It was an experience that shook me to the foundation and I stayed that way for a while. I cried out my heart to God in reverence; not asking for anything but basking in awe of Who He is, how great He is and how much He is in love with me. It was such an intense moment that I said to myself, ‘This is where you belong. Here. With Christ. You have chosen right and you are never leaving Him no matter what.’


I don’t even know how to communicate how I feel right now and so, I’ll try putting down the progression of songs I was led to listen to on YouTube.

This God is totally amazing; it’s not about routine, it’s about connecting to our Source and Sustainer; lifting our hands and voices to Him like little children that we are to our Father.



Hymn & Worship songs;

  • O Lord my God, When I in Awesome Wonder (How Great Thou Art) [with lyrics for congregations]


  • How Great Thou Art (feat. Lauren Daigle) – Hillsong UNITED


  • I Surrender (feat. Lauren Daigle) – Hillsong UNITED


  • Reckless love (Live with story) – Cory Asbury / Heaven come 2017


  • Minister GUC – All that matters (LIVE)


  • Good Good Father – Jenn Johnson / Bethel Church


  • Zach Williams – No longer slaves (Live from Harding Prison)


  • Michael W. Smith – Great are you Lord / Let it rain / Healing rain


  • Alpha & Omega / You Are Holy / John Wilds / Steffany Gretzinger / Jesus Image Choir / Jesus ‘19


  • Waymaker / Steffany Gretzinger / John Wilds / Jesus Imahe Choir / Jesus ‘19


I know some of us probably know or have heard the song ‘Reckless love,’ but please do well to listen to this particular one written here (no 4), it will grant you deeper understanding.

I try to have a set time to seek God’s face. Set time – yes; method – flexible. Lord, forgive me for the times I tried to box you in. Keep filling me till I overflow and even then, please don’t stop.

Having You is having it all and so if at the end of the day, all I have is You, then I really have more than enough.


Guys, please let God be God. Allow Him use your time with Him as He sees best. He knows what we need and the exact state of our hearts per time (even more than we do). When we let Him, He will reach us in a way that humbles us (like I am feeling right now).


For those wondering what happened next after my entire program was hijacked by God, I simply thanked God for everything, wrote a bit while still listening to worship songs, managed to read one of my devotionals, went home, ate, slept and woke up to read my Bible. Still in a sober mood as I write this. How I love God and His dynamic ways.


If at the end of the day all you have is God, then you have more than enough.
#God is Love#
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